Meet the Boobs

We are three friends who love to climb! We met at our local climbing gym. Rachel and Ally knew each other prior to climbing, but not very well. Rachel started bringing Ally to the gym semi-regularly and that’s where they met Katie. And the rest is history! We spent many nights hanging out on Rachel’s couch after climbing watching old Reel Rock videos on YouTube. After climbing together for a while, and going on a few outdoor trips, we decided to start an Instagram page. After a short while of just posting our send videos, Ally came up with the idea to start a TikTok. And that’s when things really took off. Ally and Rachel have since moved away to New Jersey and left Katie all alone in South Florida. We get together as often as we can to hang out and climb. Now let’s meet the Boobs!!


Ally has been climbing regularly since 2020. Rachel introduced her to climbing in 2019, but the climbing bug didn’t really bite until she went again the second time. Ally loves to boulder. She loves figuring out the moves on a boulder problem and throwing herself at a difficult problem over and over again. She loves the feeling of finishing a problem she’s worked hard on. Ally doesn’t rope climb much, and when she does it’s usually only because one of the other boobs has dragged her into it.


Katie has been climbing since 2018. She joined a climbing club at Florida Atlantic University, where she went to school. They had an outdoor toprope wall that she would climb at a couple times a week, until she eventually found her way to the local climbing gym. Katie loves to rope climb, especially lead climbing.. She loves the feeling of pushing herself through something scary and feeling strong because of it.


Rachel has been climbing since 2019. She watched Free Solo with her husband and decided to go to a climbing gym on a date. Rachel has been bouldering a lot but has a special place in her heart for Trad climbing. She loves placing her own protection and having the confidence in her own knowledge to feel safe making moves. She doesn’t sport climb much anymore, as she feels safer on her own placed gear than she does on bolts.